The average CEO tenure has declined from 8.5 years in 2003 to 3.7 years in 2020 [1].

Boards in financial services must stay ahead of this challenge by developing a well-structured CEO selection process, coupled with an effective internal CEO candidate succession strategy.

Ultimately, financial services organizations that are deliberate in their approach to CEO selection will have a competitive advantage when it comes to identifying and onboarding their next CEO.

In our latest report, Michael Henry (Managing Partner) and John Sanders (Senior Partner, Board & CEO Services) examine the following:


    • Recent research on CEO longevity, and the importance of implementing a well-defined CEO succession planning and selection process by the board
    • Considerations for selecting an internal CEO candidate versus exploring the external market
    • Our firm’s recommended approach to ensure a successful CEO selection process within a financial services environment

Our latest report provides a step-by-step guide on how boards can develop a well-structured CEO selection strategy.

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