Massey Henry has been featured in Hunt Scanlon’s flagship newsletter, Executive Search Review: 2022 Canada Recruiting Special Issue, including being named one of the most prominent executive search firms in the country. Hunt Scanlon Media has helped define and inform the senior talent management sector for over 30 years.

In the spotlight series, our firm’s Managing Partner Michael Henry discusses several topics, including:

    • How financial services organizations are recovering from the impact of COVID
    • How the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in the financial services industry
    • Key trends we are seeing at the executive level, including increased competition for chief risk officers and cybersecurity leaders

Click here to read the full report by Hunt Scanlon, including Massey Henry’s spotlight on page 5. An excerpt from the feature has been provided below.

Large and mid-sized Canadian employers are recovering from the impact of the initial phases of COVID, according to Michael Henry, managing partner of Massey Henry. “They are experiencing labor demand pressures and supply chain challenges,” he said.

“In addition, many organizations are working through the longer-term implications of digitization and hybrid employment models. COVID will continue to impact businesses in 2022 and beyond, and has accelerated digital transformation and a rethink of traditional work models.

This acceleration now has its own momentum apart from the impact of current and potentially successive COVID waves; the pandemic has acted as change agent affecting many areas of work and family life across the globe. In combination with climate change and ESG adoption, business and employment models will undergo dramatic change over the next five years.”

As ESG, information security, and risk management continue to increase in importance, it will be critical for organizations to stay ahead of the curve by hiring or retaining executive leaders who understand these emerging areas. This is commensurate with the conversations we have had with executive leaders on the ground, as well as with our advisory board, made up of prominent financial services and public sector leaders from some of North America’s most renowned organizations.”

Michael Henry

Managing Partner, Massey Henry

About Massey Henry
Massey Henry was created to bring a fresh approach to the traditional field of executive recruitment. Our process is specialized to identify financial services executives and is transparent for clients and candidates alike. Our Partners bring more than 60 years of combined experience in the financial services and executive search industries. We have supported clients across the full spectrum of financial services, including: Retail and commercial banking; Insurance and Reinsurance; Asset management; Capital markets; Wealth management; Credit Unions; Private equity; FinTech; Payments; and Corporate and Investment Banking. Learn more about how our team can support your executive search needs.

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