Diverse backgrounds,
deep experience

Our two practice areas are led by a team of seasoned professionals with deep expertise in their fields. Together with our broad team of strategic advisors, we ensure that we have the right talent and experience for every client engagement.

  • Michael Henry

    Managing Partner

  • John Sanders

    Senior Partner, Board and CEO Services

  • Charlotte Berry


  • Alex Bunyan

    Partner & Head, Leadership Practice

  • Linda Mundt

    Engagement Manager

  • Sue Mahon

    Director, Search Delivery and Operations

  • Gaurav Pokharel

    Head of Communications

  • Cathy Dao

    Business Analyst

  • Rhiana Safieh

    Project Coordinator

  • Darlene Botman

    Project Coordinator

  • Mitchell Sanders


Advisory Board

Massey Henry also leverages the experience and expertise of our advisory board, made up of distinguished leaders in financial services and the public sector.

  • George Cooke

    Chair of the Board of Directors of OMERS Administration Corporation

  • Eric Wetlaufer

    Board Director, Investment Management Corporation of Ontario and the TMX Group

  • Sharon Pel

    Chair of the Board of Trustees, OPTrust

  • Johanne Brossard

    Corporate Director/Trustee

  • Bill Hatanaka

    Board Chair, Ontario Health

  • Lynne Kilpatrick

    Corporate Director and Senior Retail Banking Executive

  • Clio Straram

    Head, Indigenous Banking at BMO Financial Group

The Massey Henry story

Massey Henry was created to bring a fresh approach to the traditional field of executive recruitment. We have created practices and processes that are efficient and effective for clients and open and constructive for candidates.

Founder and Managing Partner Michael Henry believes in the power of networks and connections and is a fierce promoter of Canadian talent at home and abroad. His vision was to create a firm that would set a new standard for executive search in Canada and shine a spotlight on Canadian talent. He believes in the power of diversity in all its forms to create strong leadership teams and high impact boards.

Behind the Massey Henry name

No name is more synonymous with ground breakers in Canadian business and culture than the Massey family. Building on early success in agriculture and manufacturing, generations of the Massey family have put an indelible stamp on Canada’s growth and development.

The Rt. Hon. Vincent Massey, the first Canadian-born Governor General of Canada, embodied that legacy. His lifelong dedication to the cultivation of Canada’s cultural fabric led to the creation of integral institutions and programs, including the National Library of Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts, the CBC, Massey College and the Order of Canada.

“The age which we live in is not suited to idle complacency or to pleasant dreams of past greatness.”

The Right Honourable Vincent Massey

Inherent to Massey’s civic leadership was his unwavering belief that extraordinary accomplishments could only be realized by leveraging the strength of people’s potential and talent. This inspires Massey Henry’s commitment to developing transformational Canadian leaders for 21st century business and culture.

Massey Henry founder Michael Henry is the great grandson of Vincent Massey and a director of the Massey Foundation, whose primary purpose is to promote arts and humanities in Canada.

The Massey Network –
Connecting through excellence

The Massey family has been helping Canadian businesses and the public service sector rise to the occasion for generations. Here at Massey Henry, we’re building on that legacy by connecting inspiring leaders and high-potential executive talent with public and private organizations where they can make the greatest impact. The Massey Network brings together the best and brightest in financial services, politics and philanthropy, in Canada and among the Canadian ex-pat community.

Whether you’re a Canadian professional living abroad or within our borders, we invite you to join the Massey Network for the latest insights, opportunities and connections with fellow Canadians across the world. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Massey Henry’s culture

At Massey Henry, we lead by example and are guided by our values: trust, transparency, innovation and active engagement. We embrace agile processes that are deeply informed by our understanding of our clients and the sectors in which they operate, helping transform their organizations and select and engage key talent.

By setting the bar high, we aim to be the partner of choice and provider of world-class executive recruitment services for leading Canadian organizations.

Looking to help clients with a fresh approach to executive search?
If you’re interested in joining the Massey Henry team, check out our Careers section for the latest opportunities.