Creating strong

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It isn’t enough to place great talent into critical roles. Our senior advisors work with organizations to ensure these leaders are set up for success both at the board and executive levels.

Director recruitment

In addition to traditional executive search, our team has extensive experience placing corporate directors. With our wide network, we’re able to quickly find the right candidate with the right background, experience and subject matter expertise.

Massey Henry is a proud supporter of several organizations to promote diversity in the workplace, including: Women Get On Board, The Black Opportunity Fund and The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

Executive assessment

At Massey Henry, we know how to find leaders. We take a comprehensive assessment approach that goes beyond evaluating a candidate’s ability to perform. Whether evaluating cultural fit, personality or leadership skills, our rigorous process ensures that our clients are set up for success when hiring a senior leader.

Leadership coaching

We act as partners with our clients to design unique strategies and action plans to develop organizational leaders. This includes transitioning and onboarding newly recruited executives into client organizations, accelerating the development of high-potential talent and improving organizations’ leadership pipelines.

New mindsets, new processes or even seemingly small enhancements have the power to transform organizations for the better. We help engineer new practices that mean sustainable improvements to organizational and leadership results, both immediately and over time.

Team coaching

Organizations function best when their teams function at a level greater than the sum of their parts. At Massey Henry, we work with clients to align their internal teams, clarify common purposes and objectives and develop strategies for optimizing operational efficiency.

Our coaching services can help leaders across an organization’s functional areas work more cohesively together as a “team of teams,” improving best practices and increasing organizational support for their common goals.

Board advisory and assessment

Our senior advisors bring expertise on a wide range of critical topics including board culture, board effectiveness, governance best practices, succession planning and diversity.

We work with organizations to determine whether boards have the skill sets and governance oversight needed for the ever-evolving corporate, technology and risk landscape.