Financial Services

The Canadian financial services industry has drastically shifted over the past decade and continues to evolve in a post-COVID landscape. Whether it’s customer-centricity, digital analytics, cyber security, risk management, regulatory, ESG considerations, or the rise of shareholder activism, finding the best leaders to help navigate today’s financial services environment is more critical than ever.  

Retail and Commercial Banking

Competition is high among banks and vying to attract the best executive level talent. Disruption, distraction, and digital are some of the key areas that will continue to dominate commercial banking well into the next decade. Commercial banks that pivot into a digital-first future and hire executives who can help develop and implement clear strategies to build digital foundations and experiences will be ahead of the competition.

Asset Management

In the coming years, the asset management industry will face several global megatrends to deliver higher client value: emergence of new technologies; ecological and environment concerns; hyper-personalization; a shift from support to value generation enabled by technology; personal data; and the rise of platform ecosystems. As asset management institutions hire executive level talent, it will be critical to identify leaders who understand these emerging trends as the sector shifts its focus from COVID-related resilience to more forward-thinking strategies.

Credit Unions

Competition is high among banks and vying to attract the best executive level talent. Leaders who possess deep understanding of accelerated trends affecting member-based credit unions, including branch transformation, digital banking adoption, changing markets, and small-business recovery will be ideally suited for executive roles as the industry pivots to adapt to the operational challenges in a post-COVID environment.


The insurance industry remains one of the few industries that has yet to be disrupted. Leaders within the industry must now bring not only the technical and leadership expertise needed to succeed, but a deep understanding of key future trends that will shape the sector: product innovation, sophisticated catastrophe models and pricing approaches, evolving data and analytics capabilities, competitive strategic alliances, and most importantly, solving the talent equation to better integrate technology and support customer engagement.


The competition between pension funds for investment personnel, and especially within public plans, is high. In addition to finding executive level talent in traditional areas such as manager selection, due diligence, asset allocation and portfolio construction, it will be critical to identify leaders with emerging skill sets across the pension landscape – quantitative processes, big data analysis, machine learning and other applications of artificial intelligence.

Why hire a financial services executive recruitment firm?

Executive search firms that focus on financial services have established networks, relationships, and experience identifying and placing senior executives within the industry. This includes having access to candidates who may not be “on the market”, or otherwise may be under the radar to most traditional HR departments looking to conduct a search in-house.

Massey Henry brings a proven track record of identifying, and placing, exceptional Director, VP, and C-level job positions at financial services organizations in less time than traditional HR staff. We focus on critical, transformational roles within the financial services sector, offering clients an extensive network of Canadian and expatriate talent who can provide critical leadership during a time of innovation, emerging opportunities, and evolving economic and regulatory realities.

We specialize in C-suite and senior leadership positions such as:

  • Chief executive officer
  • Risk officer
  • Human resources officer
  • Digital officer
  • Marketing officer
  • Information officer
  • Investment officer
  • Technology officer
  • Financial officer

Our transparent approach ensures a shorter recruitment timeline from beginning to end. Our senior team of search experts – including former executives from top-tier financial services organizations – bring unrivaled experience within the industry.

Who needs a financial services executive recruiter?

Quite simply, financial services executive recruiters help fill the gap between top-tier candidates and what a traditional HR team is capable of, resulting in higher quality candidates within a shorter timeframe. For example, Massey Henry’s financial services recruitment consultants and Partners work closely with our clients to identify, source, vet, and propose executive level talent across various functions within the industry.

From finance and accounting, to marketing, technology, HR, and corporate strategy, executive search firms like ours support and work in tandem with your HR personnel, executive team, or Board to find senior leadership talent with the skills required for success in critical, high visibility positions within the financial services sector.

Benefits of Using a Financial Services Executive Recruiter


Having a dedicated recruiter and/or consultant to help hire financial services executives is a beneficial exercise for several reasons.

Firstly, most HR teams do not have the capacity nor the executive network to find talented leaders who may be interested in a particular role. Executive recruiters come with established networks of senior level contacts and understand their in-depth motivations, challenges, and key accomplishments. Many executives are also very content in their roles and will decline opportunities for a new role when approached by traditional HR and unknown search firms.

However, because executive recruiters like our firm establish long-term relationships with these candidates, they often share their career stories and are candid in telling us what they are looking for next.

Quality Assurance

Success for an executive recruitment firm is strongly tied to candidate performance. This is especially true in the world of financial services, where cost efficiency is critical and a single ineffective hire can have long-term implications. For this reason, executive recruiters, including our firm, provide guarantees of 12 months or 18 months to provide assurance for their clients.

Save Time and Resources

Executive search firms already know where to look, who to speak to, and how to get top candidates to the table for a discussion. This reduces the time, effort, and outreach-related resources required by organizations while also shortening the time needed to complete the search process.

Why Choose the Massey Henry Recruitment Process?


We Specialize in Financial Services Executives

Our Partners bring more than 60 years of combined experience in financial services executive search and have placed candidates across the full spectrum of the industry. Given our extensive network across Canada and with expatriate Canadians, we can quickly identify leaders with the strategic vision to lead amid the disruptive technologies, emerging opportunities and risks, and new economic and regulatory realities shaping the sector. We recruit across the spectrum of executive leadership roles, including chief risk, information, investment, technology, and financial officer positions.


Use Of Intuitive Platforms

We integrate your decision team into a dedicated executive recruitment workstation (powered by a GDPR compliant technology solution) to streamline the consultation process andleverage an AI-enabled search engine to expedite the search process.



We collaborate with your HR team, executive, or Board from beginning to end. We leverage an innovative real-time collaborative search engine, allowing your decision team make contributions to the ongoing candidate selection through a customized interactive dashboard.



Massey Henry ensures provides open and transparent communication to your team about the search status. We leverage a system and approach designed for transparency, including access to real time candidate interactions, progress reports, and timely updates.


Cost Efficient Outcomes

At Massey Henry, recruitment processes have been streamlined to identify highly qualified candidates for you in only 6-8 weeks, leveraging advanced technology solutions and deep sector expertise that remain unmatched in the sector.

Start smarter, move faster

Massey Henry offers the best solutions for your executive recruitment challenges. We operate a streamlined transparent process and combine it with our expertise in financial services to deliver top-tier Canadian and expatriate executive level talent. Contact us today to learn more about how Massey Henry’s network and executive search experience within the financial services space can benefit your organization.