Public Sector

The success of organizations – whether public or private –largely depends on the vision and strategic leadership of its executive team and Board. Ensuring that the appropriate individuals occupy these positions is a critical challenge for many organizations, but especially within the public sector.

Challenges and Opportunities in Public Sector Executive Recruitment

From lengthy interview processes and assessments to lower compensation, public sector organizations often have challenges attracting top-tier executive leaders; this is especially true in a post-COVID work landscape that has seen the private sector offer more flexible solutions for talented executive level leaders.

Compounding these challenges are the traditional limitations of hiring executives using an internal HR team. Most HR teams are already constrained from a time and resource perspective and have a limited network to identify the types of candidates required for leadership roles within public sector institutions.

Executive recruiters that support the public sector, like our team at Massey Henry ,offer pre-established networks of senior level contacts, along with in-depth knowledge of each candidate’s motivations and key accomplishments – all before a single call is even made.

This is why executive search firms that focus on public sector recruitment, such as Massey Henry, are so beneficial for organizations within the industry.

We focus on identifying versatile leaders who can oversee organizations through transformation and innovation, and have supported organizations in healthcare, non-profit, education, business/professional associations, as well as Canadian Crown companies and government agencies.

Who Needs A Public Sector Executive Recruiter?

A public sector executive recruiter oversees all search-related processes for public sector organizations, working closely with HR teams, senior leaders, and external partners to conduct a timely and cost-efficient search process.

Specifically, public sector hiring committees are often large and represent a diverse cross-section of leaders within and external to the organization. Massey Henry and our executive search professionals understand these dynamics and we have established an approach that allows our team to work closely with committees to conduct an equitable search, while encouraging transparency and trust. We can facilitate and find common ground amongst a broad range of stakeholders who may represent various concerns and hopes for the institution.

As noted, public sector executive recruitment challenges are unique, and often include considerations such as:

  • An aging workforce
  • Time consuming and costly hiring processes
  • Less competitive compensation

Public sector executive recruiters understand these challenges and have the recruitment approaches, network, and track record needed to mitigate these potential issues.

Benefits of Using a Public Sector Executive Recruiter

Having a dedicated public sector executive recruiter and/or consultant to help hire public sector leaders is a beneficial exercise for several reasons. Firstly, most HR teams do not have the capacity nor the executive network to find talented leaders who may be interested in a particular role. This is especially true for time sensitive positions where urgency is critical.

Executive recruiters offer public sector organizations an established network of senior level contacts, along with preliminary understanding of top candidates’ in-depth motivations and accomplishments. Many executives within the public sector are content in their roles and will decline opportunities but will remain open to conversations with executive search professionals to share their career story, and what they are looking for in their next role.

Quality Assurance

Success for an executive recruitment firm is strongly associated with the performance of the candidates who are hired via their recommendations. For this reason, executive recruiters, including our firm, provide guarantees of 12 months or 18 months to ensure that the right individuals have been selected for our clients. For executive search firms to succeed, maintaining beneficial relationships and proven search results are key. This is especially true in the public sector, where picking the right talent at the leadership level is critical to ensuring financial stability.

Save Time and Resources

Executive search recruiters and firms focused on public sector institutions already know where to look, who to speak to, and how to get top candidates to the table for a discussion. This reduces the time, effort, and outreach-related resources required by organizations, while also shortening the time needed to complete the search process.

The Massey Henry Recruitment Process


Use Of Intuitive Platforms

We integrate your decision team or Hiring Committee into a dedicated executive recruitment workstation (powered by a GDPR compliant technology solution) to streamline the consultation process and leverage an AI-enabled search engine to expedite the search process.



We collaborate with your HR team, senior executives, or external partners from start to finish. We leverage an innovative real-time collaborative search engine, allowing your hiring team to make contributions to the candidate selection process through a customized real-time interactive dashboard.



Massey Henry leverages a system and approach designed for transparency, including providing hiring committees access to real time candidate interactions, progress reports, and timely updates.


Cost Efficient Outcomes

Cost efficiency is critical in public sector recruitment. At Massey Henry, our executive search processes have been streamlined to identify highly qualified candidates for you in only 6-8 weeks, leveraging advanced technology solutions and deep sector expertise to find the best candidates.

Start smarter,
move faster

Massey Henry offers the best solutions for your executive recruitment challenges. We operate a streamlined transparent process and combine it with our expertise in the public sector to deliver top-tier Canadian and expatriate executive level talent.

Contact us today to learn more about how Massey Henry’s network and executive search experience within the public sector can benefit your organization.