The scope and scale of ESG compliance and measurement is growing in importance and complexity. Organizations across all sectors – and especially financial services – are facing profound decisions that will impact employees, customers, and society at large.

In our latest report, Michael Henry (Managing Partner) and John Sanders (Senior Partner) explore the following ideas:

    • While ESG is not a new concept, the scope and scale of ESG compliance is growing in importance and complexity
    • The key considerations that will continue to increase demand for the adoption of ESG principles
    • Talent implications within the corporate environment and its impact on Board, C-Suite, and senior-level executives
    • The four competencies required to adapt to ESG implications
    • The importance of evaluating soft skills in mid-career and later stage leaders, as well as their ability to influence, deal with ambiguity, and promote consensus rather than conflict

ESG adoption will draw on and demand skills from senior executives in ways not yet seen, but adopting the principles outlined in our report below will allow for a much smoother transition.

Our latest report explores how financial services organizations and executives can better position themselves to respond to the challenges and opportunities of adopting ESG principles.

In a hurry?

Read a one page summary of our report here.

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